Resistance Fantasies

In her second book of poems, Resistance Fantasies, Diane Thiel uncovers layers of meaning in the evocative title—from resistance against regimes and oppression, to explorations of our darker natures, to our inner trysts with longing and desire. The book continues themes from Thiel's critically acclaimed Echolocations, connecting the personal with the historical, language with lineage, and pondering the effects of war on future generations, but takes us to new physical and emotional terrains—the Black Sea, the double edge of resistance. Her ear tuned to a full range of formal and free verse rhythms, Thiel achieves a unique lyrical intensity. Her blend of myth and history, gravity and humor, passion and compassion, and the explicit with the suggestive makes Thiel's poetry hard to resist.


    Story Line Press



Resistance Fantasies is a rich and impressive collection by one of our most versatile poets: fresh and often startling poems drawn from a wide spectrum of experience. Diane Thiel is as much at home in rhymed, metrical verse as in freer forms, some of these latter entirely original. Though an able translator, sensitive to other cultures, she is very much her own poet. She refuses to conform to trends (see "Editorial Suggestive" ), not at all cool and detached but involved in the midst of life, unafraid to voice the deepest feelings.


    X. J. Kennedy


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