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Diane Thiel's new poetry book, Questions From Outer Space, is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in Spring 2022.

See information about the book and author's profile at publisher's web site.

"Green Honey and Violet Sheep" forthcoming in the next issue of The Harvard Review

Sample poems from Questions From Outer Space published in 2021:

"Questions of Time and Direction" Terrain, September 2021,

"The Multiverse", "Under the Lawrence Tree",The Hudson Review, Fall 2021,

"Time Won't Do It"; "Kummerspeck", The Notre Dame Review, Issue 52, Summer 2021,

"Measure by Time" Louisiana Literature, Issue 38/1,

"Sticks and Stones" and "Spaceship with Saint Giovannino" First Things,

"Assimilation; Field Notes from the Biolayer" The 2River View, Summer 2021,

"Astronaut Training" The 2River View, Spring 2021,

"Tritina in the Time of the Machine" Cathexis, June 2021,

"Remotely; Living with Aliens" American Journal of Poetry, Vol. 11, July 2021.

Sample poems from Questions From Outer Space published in 2020:

"The Farthest Side" Prime Number Magazine (PNM Poetry Award-tied for 2nd place),

"High Noon at the Remote Corral" Rattle

"Sleeping Dogs" The Hopkins Review,

"Outback" First Things,

"The Factory (A Report from Outer Space); Notice from Another Dimension; Hiatus" The Hudson Review,

The Dark Horse (Scotland), The Festival Review, Catamaran, and Cordella, among others.