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On Foot

Time Won't Do It & Kummerspeck (Scroll down past 2/3 of the page).

High Noon at the Remote Corral

Questions of Time and Direction

Astronaut Training

Assimilation & Field Notes from the Biolayer

Spatial Equations

Tritina in the Time of the Machine


Video recordings

Reading from Questions from Outer Space for Red Hen Press.

Reading at the National Book Festival hosted by the Library of Congress.

Reading for the South Florida Poetry Journal /FL Center for the Book.

Reading at the University of New Mexico Bookstore.


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Diane Thiel reads
click to hear Diane Thiel read "History's Stories"
History's Stories
History's Stories

For her song and flight, Echo is torn apart, art
flung limb by singing limb. Each valley swallows, allows
her voice. In another tale, a flame enchants chance
encounters—Narcissus, who never returns, turns—
her love to stone. Rocks, caves, dens, the hollow hollow
of bones become her home—the old echoes, O's
that round our inner lives like the concentric trick
rings inside trees, reverberate for years, our ears—
Our voices rise and leave, traveling, raveling, veiling
currents across the sea, longing to reach each
Atlantis, locate shapes that sounds recall—call
back the world, as it was first encountered, heard.

Diane Thiel reads
click to hear Diane Thiel read "History's Stories"
South Beach Wedding
South Beach Wedding
On Saturday, we walked Miami Beach,
together searching any quiet streets
and came upon a church, tucked in between
the Deco, where a little garden wedding
was being held.  We couldn't help but move
a little closer.  We must have been in love,
the way we neared to hear their vows —
                                                                CUT! CUT!
Stop the scene!  What's with the two of you?  Can't
you see we're filming here?  Security!
The groom began to curse the summer heat.
The bride said she was melting in her dress.
Escorted firmly from the premises,
we heard the words ring out — The Wedding Scene
take twenty-nine.  Let's get it right this time!